[Shepherding the Sheep with One Heart] Encourage People with the Mind of God

  • 2016.07.08 14:03


A church is not an organization that brings in people. The church does not show off its power and size by getting many people. The only purpose of the church is to win lost souls who are destined to go to hell for their sins.


Even though there are many people in the church, they are not worth a penny before God if they forget about saving souls. The purpose of every ministry in the church is also to win souls. That’s why each member of the church must have the mind of God.


Pastors must know the mind of God who sent His One and only Son to solve the problem of human’s sins while knowing the would Son die.


The congregation must be encouraged with love while having the mind of Jesus, the Son of God who came to the earth by obeying God’s command, in his heart instead of humans who will be destroyed. In doing so, he must pray for the congregation so that they may repent of their sins and live a godly life as God wants them to by turning back to God.

The pastor rebukes and encourages them so that the believers can repent their sins by knowing about God, finding the truth and realizing their wrong doing.


God disciplines us not to judge us. You should know it is the love that God wants to give us eternal life while we find out our sins and repent of them.


We will live forever by the grace of God. When somebody rebukes you in the name of the Lord, you should not be angry or displeased.


What I mean is that you have to listen to the words as love when you are told with the mind that you might have blessings and you ought not to take it with a grudge and wrongly. When somebody urges you with the mind of the Lord, those who look back on themselves can improve themself spiritually. 



Seok-Jeon Yoon

Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #478 (Apr 30, 2016)