God’s Servant who has Life

  • 2014.03.11 11:22

No matter how scarytigers may be, if they are stuffed, it is a different story.

There is no onewho is afraid of stuffed animal. Although they are faithful Christians

and havehigh positions in the church, without Jesus in their hearts, they would be

juststuffed Christians.


These days, it is aproblem that there are stuffed ones among those who have duties

in churches.People who have higher positions in churches have to possess the life in

Jesus.These people should not resist preaching the gospel. This is a real Christian.


Stephen, who belongedto the early church, blazed with the life of Jesus.

The life strongly led himto preach the word of God to his Jewish relatives.


At that time, in theeyes of Jews, Jesus was the most blasphemous of sinners.

They considered Himthe worst sinner who had to be executed on the cross.

Those who gathered in thecouncil dragged Stephen who followed the word of God

out of the city, stonedand killed him.


Stephen was stoned anddied for his faith.

He preached the gospel to his fellow Jews until the end ofhis life.

Nobody mourned his death. Rather, he was treated as a sinner whoshould be killed.


However, our Lordwaited for the soul of Stephen, opening heaven and standing in

the place ofhonor at God's right hand. God gave Stephen the power to suffer

martyrdom andsupported him. God also received his soul at the right hand of the

throne ofGod. (Acts 7:54-60)


God gives powerful strength and life through the HolySpirit to those who spread the

gospel with all their soul, and also uses themas God’s servant. Those who preach the

gospel filled with the Holy Spirit’spower are God’s servants.


Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon

Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper  #372(2014-02-08)