[Shepherding the sheep with One heart] God Uses the Obedient People

  • 2016.12.13 11:45


Do you want to receive the crown of glory, the crown of life, the crown of gold, and the crown of righteousness when you go to the kingdom of God? Then you have to identify all the obstacles to living God's will. If you choose to live according to the Bible, in a covenant made with God, you must take your life and live it according to God's will. No matter what threats come, you have to overcome all the obstacles. If necessary, you should also give up your life. Then God will use you greatly.


The Lord uses someone like Elisha who has faith and never gives up. Elisha followed Elijah all the way to the end, even though he was ignored and mocked. Finally, Elisha inherited the double portion of Elijah's spirit.

The Lord looks for someone who discounts his own thoughts, face and life when doing the Lord's work.  He is looking for someone who is convenient to use.  If you want to be used by God, if you want to be empowered, if you expect to receive a gift, you must lay yourself down before the Lord.  You should always obey the Lord, so that He can use you freely whenever He wants.  You should be someone whom the Lord can use easily. 

In order to be used by the Lord, we must abandon our own claims and obey God's word unconditionally.  Suppose that, in the middle of the cold night, a parent has to wake up one of their sleeping children and send them on an errand.  The parent will think about which child to send.  They will not wake up the one who will complain.  They will wake up the child who listens to them well.  Likewise, the Lord will use the one who obeys His commands well.  You should mould yourself for the Lord, so that He will think of you when He chooses someone to use.  This is the person whom the Lord will use.



Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon
Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #493 (Aug 20, 2016)