[Shepherding the sheep with One heart] The Last Goal of Our Life

  • 2016.12.26 13:42

If you pray and listen to the Word of God and commit yourself to the spiritual life, your spiritual life will be lived with the Lord.  Nobody in the world remembers these moments.  But when my soul reaches Heaven, God will remember it all.  This is why we should live day by day for the Lord, to make Him pleased, and to make our souls joyful by treating each day as a holy day. 

A person who wastes his life on worthless things does not feel sorry or sad about the life that he is wasting.  This is because he does not know just how useless his life is.  You are a happy and blessed person if you can supervise your own life. 

You should not let your life fall into sin and let yourself float into the corruption of the forbidden life, all for a moment’s pleasure.  When our souls reach the Kingdom of Heaven and stand before God, we must not be judged and condemned to weep and gnash our teeth.  We must live our lives carefully for the time of soul, so that we are ready for that Day.  We need to know the way to live our lives in a worthwhile way – and that to do so is the blessing of God’s love.

Heaven does not tolerate the unjust because of their sin.  Hell is not like a man-made prison or a jail.  It is the place where man suffers the most unimaginably painful punishment forever.  Hell is the place of destruction. 

What is the ultimate goal of our life’s journey?  It is eternal heaven.  When we finish our short life of 70 or 80 years, our bodies will return to a handful of dust.  Our souls will go to Heaven if we believe in Jesus, or to Hell if we do not.  If you truly believe this, would you waste your life in the world, living in sin and unrighteousness?  When we know about Heaven and Hell, we will overcome sin and unrighteousness and will not waste our precious lives. 




Senior Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon
Extracted from the church newspaper #495 (September 03, 2016)