The Lamb, Jesus Christ

  • 2014.03.11 11:29

The Israelites werenomadic people. They were close to the lamb.

A lamb under one year is easy preyfor wild beasts. So the lambs are always near

the shepherd so that he can catchthem very easily.


John shoutedtoward Jesus.

"Behold, who takes away the sin of the world, the Lamb ofGod!"

It means Jesus came to redeem us from our sin such as a lamb.

As theIsraelites can rescue a lamb in danger, Jesus will also take our hand

wheneverwe stretch out our hand. We should eat and drink with Jesus together.

The atoningblood of Jesus Christ shed on the cross is always close to us.


It should beeasier for us to get to Jesus Christ than for the Israelites to find the

Lambs.The grace of Jesus is not far away from us as He is always close to us.

No onecan avoid His grace and love. But there are still many people who refuse to

open their minds. A fish not breathing in water can choke. Like this, despiteJesus’

blood blessing people, it is useless for those who do not open theirhearts.


We should openour hearts and accept His atoning blood of the cross.

Also we should repent of oursin, then, God will save us. His grace and bliss is

around us, but it is uselessto us if we do not take it. His grace is abundant in the

universe. His caringand healing, response and forgiveness are also abundant.

It is enough for us totake Him and trust Him by believing that He is our

everlasting possession.


Pastor Seok-JeonYoon

Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #374(2014-02-22)