[Shepherding the sheep with one heart] Now is the Time

  • 2017.02.28 16:35


We must use our flesh well before we reach the final destination of this life that God has given us.  We have lived in vain if we have lived without any purpose, without any thought of where we will go after death.  We must go to Heaven at the moment when our relationship with, and love for, the Lord are at their height.  The way to redeem time in this world is to live a godly life so that we may live forever with God the Father. 

We should spend our time moving towards the Lord, not moving away from Him.  We should not let life pass by, not meeting the Lord.  That results in entering horrible Hell.  We need to aim for Jesus Christ in our lifetime. 


When Jesus Christ becomes our target, our time, even one single hour, is precious.  We must be truthful with the Lord when we sing praises, when we listen to the word of God, pray, work for the Lord and evangelise.  If we don’t want to waste even one moment, we should not be foolish. 

One day, a deacon told me, “Pastor, I would have given a lot of money to God if I had believed in Jesus when I earned a big salary.  It’s a shame”.  When he had a lot of money, what did he do with that money? He didn’t have the chance to believe in Jesus because he was wasting the money.  He could only come to church and believe in Jesus when the money had all gone. 

Don’t think that you would give money to God if you earned as much as you did in the past.  Now is the time.  The Lord received with gratitude two very small copper coins from a poor widow (Mark 12:43-44, Luke 21:2-4).  Keep in mind that now is the time to serve the Lord.  This is our golden chance to redeem the time.  All of us must live well our life in the flesh for the time of soul. 

Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon
Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #503 (Nov 12, 2016)