[Shepherding the sheep with one heart] The Reason Why We are Crazy for the Gospel

  • 2017.05.14 19:00

The Reason Why We are Crazy for the Gospel

The gospel is ㄴsuch  good news that we should be crazy for it.
The news that we are to live happily ever after is blessed news to those who are in the death of eternal punishment in hell. It is glorious news to change the world's dreams into the dreams of heaven. When we are diagnosed according to the law of God's word, we have only a desperate curse of misery.  But, in Jesus, the Word of God has prescribed eternal life for us.  Therefore we must be crazy for the Saviour, Jesus. 


People around the world complain that the church is not responsible for moral and ethical issues without doing social work. However, Christianity is not a social work organization. On the contrary Christianity does better works than the world acknowledges to be good work. Christianity loves its neighbors. No matter how good a purposeful social work is, there is no spiritual benefit unless we give Jesus.
Even though we give the best thing to others in humanism, this cannot save souls. It is the best gift to be able to possess the kingdom of God only by faith in Jesus. Christianity is trying to do this.


People live the same  length of 70 or 80 years on earth, but the results of life will be different when they stand before the Lord. We can be crazy for nothing in this world that we can give in exchange for a reward from God. Rather, the more worldly things for which people are mad, the more they are deprived, consumed, and destroyed. Therefore, just as a poor man desires to buy a house, and as a man who does not learn struggles to teach his children well, we must possess the kingdom of God as the one who is longing for heaven.


Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon
Extracted from the church newspaper #514 (February 04, 2017)