[Shepherding the sheep with one heart] Knowledge That Doctors Don’t Have

  • 2017.05.20 14:41

Somebody studied so hard that he received a doctor’s degree at the age of 40. He devoted forty years of his life to getting a doctorate. Then he held seminars and wrote papers, while spending another 30 years as a doctor. He thought the life of a doctor was worth all this. However, if he didn’t believe in Jesus and prepare for the time of his soul, he is totally pathetic.  This is because he can’t be saved by money, honor, power and knowledge.


In the past, the World Powers believed that they could secure their country’s safety by having nuclear weapons. Ironically, nuclear weapons can’t secure their safety but are to be feared in case they destroy all the people in the world at once. Now, its immense explosive power threatens all mankind. Our country can’t be protected by nuclear weapons. Only God can protect countries.


The reason why Korea has continued to exist for about 5,000 years despite being attacked a lot is that God keeps protecting our country. We have to give thanks to God. We must not conform ourselves to the corruption of the world. Also, we must not compromise with injustice which God hates. We must only thank God for the greatest love and grace that he showed.


Wherever we go with the power of Almighty God, there are always miracles and wonders from God.  When we acknowledge and reveal the living God, then God will surely work. We have to be able to show people the living God and give them His power wherever we go. We must show them the life of the Lord anywhere and at any time. We must reveal and show them the vital power of faith that we believe in Jesus.

Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon
Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #516 (Feb 18, 2017)