[Shepherding the sheep with one heart] The Gap in the Kingdom of Heaven

  • 2017.06.29 22:35

We must live for the time of soul in the Holy Spirit with all our hearts while living in this world. We have to know that being filled with the Holy Spirit is the only way to support and acknowledge the will of the Lord


This means that you want to live a godly life, making the most of your time, but you are wretched because of the physical desires, pleasures and the complacency that try to trap you under the law of sin. However, there is a law that delivers you out of the law of sin. It is the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross and being full of the Holy Spirit.


People in the world don’t understand why Christians worship God and pray to Him. They think it is more important to have success in the world while enjoying worldly Pleasures.  They sneer at the Christians, saying, “Not drinking alcohol, giving up worldly desires which are full of fun, where is your fun in life?” But to us they seem to have nothing to do.  Their lives appear meaningless. 

While living in this world, it seems that there is no difference between Christians and those who don’t have faith in Jesus.  But the gap between the two groups will be enormous in the time of soul, when Christians have gone to the Kingdom of Heaven. The life of those who believe in Jesus is an inheritance that will be enjoyed forever in the kingdom of God.  For those who don’t believe in Jesus, their eternal punishment will be in hell. 


 The day when there is weeping and gnashing of teeth is approaching them. The glorious day is approaching us, so we must get the most out of the life that we have been given in the flesh



Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon
Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #522 (Apr 1, 2017)