[Shepherding the sheep with one heart] A person who is full of spiritual character

  • 2017.08.21 22:43

Everything in the world has its own characteristics. Even though you tear a lily into ten pieces, its fragrance still remains. Even though you cut a branch of grapes, new branches come out next spring. Whatever it is, each characteristic is never changed.


We, as Christians, must always have the character that comes from the grace we receive from God, from the Holy Spirit who dwells in us and from the mission given by the Lord. We also must have the ambition and the spirit of faith that try to possess the divine grace.


Jesus said, “Not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.” (Luke12:27)
Why is that? It’s because, although Solomon’s splendor shone once, it stopped, whereas the lilies that bloomed in the age of Solomon keep flowering with time. Even a flower has the voice of the Lord. The flowers tell us that the time of the flesh is an all but fleeting moment, but our spiritual life is everlasting.  This makes us realize that the spiritual life is very valuable. The life in us given by Jesus is eternal. Therefore, we must give thanks and be faithful to the Lord Jesus who has given us life.


Parents instinctively want to give their children good things. Pastors also have the instinct to wish the members of church well. So pastors pray for their members. God is full of love to save human beings to the point of letting His Son die for people. If we have received such love, we ought to be full of the character that thanks the Lord, that sings praises, and that speaks to others with spiritual songs.


If we have received grace from the Lord, we must be full of the characteristics which received grace and always give thanks to Him and worship and work for Him.


We must be full of the characteristics that give thanks to God, sing praises, work for the Lord and preach the Gospel before God under any circumstances.



Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon
Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #529 (May 20, 2017)