Love is Taking Responsibility

  • 2014.04.16 15:54

When our church in Gung-dong was under construction I was anxious
aboutthe weather checkingthe weather forecast to see if the rainy season
had started.

In the middle ofconstruction on Saturday, it was not raining, but when it rained
on Sundaymorning, I was thankful to the Lord.

On the otherhand I worried that new believers or those with little faith might
not come tothe service because of the rain.

Of all heartacheand pain, Love is the deepest pain.

If I don’t loveour church members, I have no reason to be anxious whether
they will come tochurch or not.

I’m anxiousabout those who have little faith and that they may not come to
church becauseof rain. It’s because I love them.

The Lord isdeeply in love with His children who were born again by the blood of
His Son,Jesus, the word and the Holy Spirit.

Though it cannotbe compared to the heart of the Lord, pastor also ardently
loves the churchmembers. The pastor intends to love his church members
for their whole hislives. Pastoring is for loving the church members.

However itaccompanies a lot of sacrifice and pains.

People will havephysical sufferings. But those who have not experienced
the pain the pastorfeels in their heart and the suffering to lead the congregation
to heaven willnot understand.

 I speak the truth inChrist--I am not lying, my conscience confirms
it in the Holy Spirit—I havegreat sorrow and unceasing anguish in my heart.“
(Romans 9:1, NIV)

Apostle Paulexpressed how much it is painful and suffering to win souls.

Loving thechurch members is more painful because it is taking care of their
time of soul.

TheHoly Spirit has made the pastor overseers over the church, so they should
takecare of the church member’s faith life.

Pastor does not give up his ministry though they are suffering because they
takeresponsibility for the church members to go to heaven. Taking responsibility

Pastor Seok-JeonYoon
Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #379 (01 January20014)