[Shepherding the sheep with One heart] Like a mother’s love for nursing her baby

  • 2019.11.29 19:10


God gave His One and Only Son to human beings. The reason was humans really need Jesus Christ. When a mother’s breast is swollen, she knows how hungry her baby is. So she goes to nurse her baby. The reason why God sent His only Son to this world was that humans’ condition was so desperate:  we were doomed to Hell because of our sins. If your soul is destroyed because you do not accept Jesus as Savior although God sent his Son because He knew your soul’s situation, how miserable and unfortunate you are!


Jesus gave up everything, which is eternal life, for us. Besides, He breathes new life into our spirit with the words of God preached by a Pastor every worship service. Nevertheless, it would be really a shame if you brought destruction on yourself because you were not provided with life. When you go before Jesus with spiritual hunger and thirst, it is the same as you’ve got already. That’s why you have to live a life of faith with a spiritual sense that feels thirst.


When a mother’s breasts are swollen with milk, she tries to make the milk flow well and nurse her baby. But if her baby doesn’t suck the milk, the mother really worries about her baby. It’s because the baby must be hungry as much as the breasts are swollen. The baby must be sick if it doesn’t suck the milk when the mother’s breasts are swollen.

Our thirst and hunger can be quenched when we worship God and pray. The Lord, who knows when we are hungry and thirsty, gathers us to give the word of life and answer our prayer. If we don’t come to church and worship, the Lord will be distressed when He sees us, like a mother whose breasts are swollen is painful because her baby doesn’t suck the milk. The Lord is anxious to give us. The Lord is waiting for us, preparing many things so that we can eat to our heart’s content by knowing our thirst and hunger.


Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon
Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #635