Evangelism by the Holy Spirit

  • 2014.06.20 09:17


The Holy Spirit has been neglected, despised and abandoned after He came to

this world.

It is the evidence that the gates of hell resist the working of the Holy Spirit because

the early church members, the disciples and so many who evangelized died as martyrs.

However the Holy Spirit never retreats in witnessing Jesus.

The Holy Spirit wants all people to be saved continually sending the next person

to witness the gospel.

The witnesses who were used by the Holy Spirit did not spare their lives. 

They did their mission by the Holy Spirit even to the point of death.

Spreading the gospel through the Holy Spirit is the great work which keeps revealing

the life of Jesus.

I should be the one who perpetuates spreading the gospel which has been achieved 

through the working of the Holy Spirit from the early churches for the plan of salvation,

and the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on the cross. 

We have seen many countries which compromised the world that have become

rationalistic and have humanism instead of relying on the filling of the Holy Spirit.

Though we failed in succeeding the lineage of our family, we should never stop

witnessing Jesus through the Holy Spirit in our generation.

We should inherit the spreading of the gospel in firm so that all people and

all nations may hear about, know and accept Jesus.

We should be the cart which carries the gospel all over the world till the Lord

comes again.

May the Holy Spirit us me as the one who will inherit spreading the gospel as

the witness of Jesus.

May the Holy Spirit work in me and help me to be the one who spreads the gospel

of Jesus with power, signs and wonders. Oh! Holy Spirit! Use me without limitation!

Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon

Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #388 (June 7, 2014)