[Shepherding the Sheep with One Heart] Jesus who gave up all His power for us.

  • 2020.11.10 17:25

Jesus said, “I took up the Cross and went the way of suffering for you. Therefore, you don’t go the way.” So grateful! However, the disciples couldn’t understand this fact. They didn’t understand why Jesus didn’t use His power the moment Judas kissed Him and was taken without any resistance like a lamb taken to the slaughter.


They didn’t know the fact that Jesus purposely didn’t use His power. Jesus didn’t use His almighty power because of you and me. There is only one reason. It is that Jesus was to die on the Cross to pay for our sins because he loves you and me. It’s nothing more or less.


Those who receive the grace of God spend lavishly for Jesus. They live in Jesus, being overwhelmed by Jesus love. They live under His command by believing in that Jesus will give an eternal life. We must be believers who acknowledge Jesus in every matter not just saying.


Jesus is our king. He is the Son of God who created all things in the world with words. When the Judgment day comes, He will judge all people who came before and will come later, great or small, and will decide their fate whether they go to heaven or go to hell. Once He separated grain from chaff, sheep from goats, heaven from hell, He will never be accused.


He, who is eternal and great, was flogged and humiliated by humans that are creatures in the court of Caiaphas. He was insulted for you and for me who are His creatures. I pray that you confess and are favored by God saying “I acknowledge the way of suffering that Jesus went through. I am a sinner.”


Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon

Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #657