[Shepherding the sheep with One heart] An everlasting planting church that longs to save souls!

  • 2020.12.28 22:16


Shouting during a sermon at the church doesn’t bring revival to the church. But I am afraid that there are some people who ask, “Does it?” The reason why our church has revived this much is that I, as a senior pastor, have had something in my heart. That is, I love the Lord and the church members. That is my passion for saving souls that I want to save one person destined to destruction.


People say there are many people at the church, but I don’t agree with them. Our church is a planting church as long as there is even one person who doesn’t believe in Jesus. It’s because we have to save those who don’t have faith in Jesus. So, I want all church members to keep in mind that our church is a planting church.


Church is not a place to gather to satisfy materialistic demands, not for satisfying the needs of environment, not for showing how many people gather.  We gather at the church to save people who perish by sin. I want all church members to thirst and hunger for saving souls like me and their souls are saved first and take the lead to save souls in the neighborhood. If you don’t have the passion of saving souls, Christianity will lose the nature and drift.


God gives power to people who want because of thirst and hunger. As those who are hungry seek food and those who are thirsty seek water, we ought to go out looking for the souls that don’t believe in Jesus. I hope you long to win souls in any circumstances or environment.


My Lord, I give thanks to you for sacrificing yourself by bleeding on the Cross so that I can win their souls that you entrusted me. Please help me to be hungry to provide them with the life of Jesus and to be thirsty to let them know about Jesus. Please, help me satisfy my thirsty soul by saving their souls giving them Jesus.

Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon

Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #667