[Shepherding the sheep with One heart] A way of the cross, suffering

  • 2020.12.28 22:19

The church is the body of Christ, so we ought to have the spirit of Christ. The character of the Lord, the life of the Lord, and the mind of the Lord must be revealed in us. The church is the head of the Lord. Then, the church must never be run by the thoughts of humans but by the thoughts of the Lord.


Finally, Jesus was crucified on the hill of Calvary starting from Nazareth. The way Jesus went was deserted by humans, humans didn’t see, humans cursed, humans flogged and threw stones, treated as a sinner by humans, and killed Jesus as a wicked man putting him on the cross rather than a murder and a robber. That is the way of hardship that Jesus wanted all mankind to be saved, healed and be blessed. We also must follow the way Jesus went. The church is to follow the way of the cross that Jesus went.


“My Lord, don’t let me forgive that I show the world the life of Jesus even though I will be dead or flogged or cursed. Please help me thirst and hunger for this.


You should pray and follow Him. I feel sorry for people who say they don’t believe in Jesus because of slight persecutions and little suffering. Jesus went the way of cross, which means suffering. This is the way of thirst, hunger and crying out so that He desperately wanted to bless us.


Let’s look at the cross of Jesus with our eyes closed silently. Let the cross pound in your spirit. All Jesus eagerly wanted on the cross while being thirsty and suffering was that we are saved. I pray that all of you pray, worship God and preach gospel with the mind wherever you are.


Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon

Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #670