[Shepherding the sheep with One heart] Love of God who gave you His one and only Son

  • 2021.05.22 23:19

Some people say “Believe in Jesus moderately”. They also criticize those who devote themselves to living life according to the word of God “That’s too much.” And they slander those who offer their wealth generously saying “You are fanatic.” If they don’t know about Jesus, they could do like that.


Jesus gave up his life for us, who are creatures, to solve the sins that lead us to the burning hell. He gave us eternal life and heaven by giving up his life. If you know the fact, you can’t believe in Jesus moderately. Your life of faith is not influenced by others no matter how they laugh at you if you truly met Jesus and are loved by Him. Those who keep going to church out of habit or didn’t actually experience the love of the Lord, don’t understand why people serve the Lord with all their heart and soul.


How much the Lord loved us would have given up his life on the Cross? Do you love the Lord as much as He loved you? Going to church diligently doesn’t mean you truly believe in Jesus. Those who love Jesus more after realizing and knowing about the love the Lord showed truly believe in Jesus.


Everything we see in the world is God’s. God has given us all things such as air, the sun, earth, water, seeds, sons, and daughters. If you don’t know right about God, you are no better than a nonbeliever.


God created all things and He is almighty and omnipresent. God sent His one and only Son to the world to save his people, the creatures. The son of God was handed to the court of human beings and flogged, and died on the cross shedding blood. God loves us and me to the point of putting his only son to death. God loves you.


Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon

Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #682