[Shepherding the sheep with One heart] A life of faith that we must get a victory

  • 2021.05.30 13:51

I would know the early morning service hearing the sound of a bell from the Church when I was a little kid. It’s because the clock was rare back then. Someday, it was hard to get up even when I heard the bell. Then, I used to be lost by tiredness even with murmuring in my sleep, “I have to go to the early morning service.”


One day, I went to the Church 30 minutes earlier than a deacon who rang the bell came, being determined not to miss the early morning service. I could get up early in the morning when I had a mission of my own that I would ring the bell for the early morning service.


Spiritual life has to be a winning life. Today, lots of Christian can’t win in their spiritual life. They also failed to pray being caught by distracting thoughts. Once you think you are tired, you struggle in your thought whether you go to bed or keep praying.


The mind of the body is the biggest cause to lose the spiritual war. Our bodies want comfort so we are not able to save our souls in the spiritual war when the mind of sinful nature is strong. The mind of sinful nature is death. (Romans 8:6) It destructs and mistreats our souls. In the end, it drives our souls to death.


We fight a spiritual battle every day. The devil, the enemy, attacks us anytime while watching for an opportunity to make us stumble and destroy us. The enemy is not only outside but also inside us. It is the enemy that we try to make an excuse for sins and live for the flesh. The flesh lives enjoying things from the ground but our souls have to live using godly things from God since our souls came from God.


We fight a lot of spiritual battles in our lives but we shouldn’t lose the war of faith ever. If you lost the spiritual battle, your life of faith will be backslid. Therefore we must win the battle.


Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon

Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #686