Abundant Fruit which will be Served to the Lord

  • 2014.08.19 16:59


When a farmer starts a watermelon farm, he should cut extra watermelon vines

in order to grow one fruit from one vine. After that, when watermelon vines begin

to bear small fruit, he buries that branch. Then, roots come out from the buried

part and they supply enough water and nutrients to only one watermelon. 

The farmer pays careful attention to the vines until they harvest the fruits.

But after picking the watermelons, they do not care anymore no matter how

sturdy they are. That is because the expected fruits have been harvested from

those vines already. 

We have to live our life faithfully for the time of the soul and give to the Lord our

rich fruits. The reason why Christians are happy in any environment is because of

the fruits. Those who believe the Jesus can be happy because they will receive the

God’s reward and fruits.

In a battle with the Amorites, the Israelites were caught in the moment that

they would be occupied, if they could not exterminate the enemy that day.

Joshua decided to finish the battle and prayed to the Lord “God, let the sun stop

in the middle of sky and delay going down about a full day”. As a result, they

experienced the miracle and they defeated their enemy. 

As Joshua wanted to finish the battle by stopping the sun, we all have to prepare

the fruits which will be served to the Lord before the sunset of our life.

Farmers are looking forward to a rich fruit in autumn. But the fallen fruits which

were unable to withstand the wind and rain make the farmers disappointed.

Only the fruits which have endured to the end make the farmers happy.

We all have to harvest the rich fruits for the time of the soul and make the Lord

rejoice. We have to win to the end in order to have abundant fruits waiting for

the day when we will possess eternal joy.

Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon

Yonsei Newspaper #394 2014.07.19