[Shepherding the sheep with One heart] By serving souls, fulfill the supreme of goodness

  • 2022.12.12 15:54

  In the current age, people don’t like goodness. In the last days, people suffer in various ways because they don’t live according to God’s law.

When God commands with His words, we should obey whatever it would be. Then almighty God takes responsibility for those who obey His words. But many people disobey His words and live by sinful nature so they suffer from pain as a result of sin. In the end, their soul will suffer punishment in hell.

You will live in peace when you obey the word of God. Then, why are you suffering from pain by not obeying God’s order? Likewise, in the last days, lots of people live according to their own idea, being away from the word of God. Even though many people in the world are taken by sin, Christians should stay in Jesus and be affected by the word of God. We shouldn’t be shaken back and forth or be tempted by any signs of the world’s end. We should be segregated from the world.

Many people will worry if Jesus comes today. It’s because they don’t live faith life correctly, according to the word of God. We have to live differently from the world to be called up to heaven as the bride of Jesus when He comes, no matter when He would come. If you follow the way that pleases God and live according to His words as He wants, you will be ready to be called up to Him no matter when He would call. Then you will wait for the Lord to come.


Did the Lord entrust you leadership roles like leaders of home groups or leaders of some parts? Then you should do your best to take care of your member’s souls. The leadership positions are the godly opportunity to be loved by God by fulfilling goodness. So we should not miss the opportunity. Taking care of the souls whom the Lord has entrusted to us is the greatest good that God wants. When you fulfill the goodness that pleases God, He will hold you up and make valuable use of you.


Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon           

Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #770