[Shepherding the sheep with One heart] Churches filled with the mind of Jesus

  • 2023.03.25 19:37

  I thought I would sink through the floor when I met people saying that our church was grown rapidly. Our church does not really evangelize. We are too small compared with the early churches in the Bible. No deacon in our church has been stoned to death preaching the gospel or offered their whole property to be shared with the church. I have not found any deacon in our church living like the deacons of the early churches. Our church hasn’t been revived really compared with those churches.


I really hope our church becomes filled with Jesus’ mind like the early churches. With Jesus’ mind, we will say, “You shall be healed even if I get whipped. You shall be redeemed from curse even if I get cursed. You shall get eternal life even if I die “. This is the mind of Jesus as well as the mind of the early churches.

  If a church does not have the mind of Jesus, the church won’t have the real presence of Him. Even though the church members call the name of Jesus and be gathered with many in Jesus’ name, and praise Him, they will not experience the characters or essence of Jesus Christ. This kind of church cannot be revived. I hope our church has the heartbeat of Jesus Christ with characteristics, essence, and the real presence of Him.

I hope everyone who steps into our church can hear Jesus’ breaths, feel His warmth, and meet with His character. I hope our church gets overflown with Jesus’ characters and essence so we can make the sick be healed, the cursed be blessed, and the sinners be redeemed. For this, all church members should be filled with the character of Jesus and be able to reveal Him to others. We all should become thirsty and hungry for righteousness and fill ourselves with the character of Jesus.


Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon               

Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #790