The Great Meeting

  • 2014.08.19 17:04


Every pastor wants to fill the saints’ heart with the fullness of the Holy Spirit,

grace and joy through their preaching. They eagerly look forward them to being

blessed by healing their hearts. Pastors always want to give something to their 

members and feel spiritual thirsty to purify them in God’s grace. 

When pastors’ pouring out spiritual preaching and the saints’ passion for the grace

are in tune, God’s historic miracles can happen. But if pastors’ heart and saints’ 

heart are not as one, there is no grace and joy. Even though pastors preach with 

all their heart and mind, the saints would not receive grace by saying “the service 

time is too long!”

Jesus was responsible for the torn flesh of His body and He suffered all kinds of 

humiliation in order to solve our pain and heal our physical disease. He really

wanted to solve our problems of sin, so, He took the cross and gave us eternal 

life. Therefore, we were all free from the eternal curse and pain. We are all alive

by the righteousness of cross. 

Our God eagerly wanted to give us His only Son, Jesus. He tore His only Son

and gave us His flesh and blood. How can we imagine His absolute and unconditional

love for us.

We must eagerly long with spiritual thirst in order to make the Lord rejoice.

We all must truly and deeply look forward to receiving God’s love and meet

the Lord’s bountiful heart. Day and night, we also have to pray for the day when

we see the Lord.

I really hope our all members attend the 2014 summer conference and will receive

God’s great love and grace. Also, I eagerly expect you all to meet God’s unprecedented

love through the conference.


Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon

Yonsei Newspaper # 395 (2014.07.26)