Until the Final Victory is Won

  • 2015.04.01 16:10

     The final purpose of our spiritual battles in our faith life is to gain eternal life.
     If your soul falls into hell at the end of your life on earth, it will be miserable.
     The devil is filled with the mission of taking us hell. Until the last moment of our
     lives, he keeps tempting us by fleshly desires and the splendors of world in order
     to make us vulnerable the spiritual battle.


     Even after losing good soldiers of Christ, 
     he never gives up but rearranges his battle line to tempt us again. When the devil
     crucified Jesus by using the Jews, it misunderstood that it won the victory by
     dominating Jesus by the power of death.


     But, Jesus overcame the power of death and rose again radiantly.

     Jesus knew that the cross wouldn’t end with death but is the cornerstone of His resurrection.
     Therefore He could endure the sufferings. He was beaten in the courtyard of Caiaphas.
     The Roman soldiers clothed Him in a red robe  and spat on Him. 
     He endured carrying the cross to the Calvary and being nailed on
     the cross.


     At the end, He said, ”It is finished” (John 19:30) for He knew that
     He would win the victory in spiritual battle against the devil and Satan by His
     resurrection, he overcame all the sufferings. Likewise, the victory is holding on
     the coming glory with faith and fighting spiritual battle till the last.


     Till the last moment, we should hold on to the word of God and be filled with the Holy Spirit 
     by obedience and prayer in order to enjoy the best blessing, living with Jesus
     who is the spearhead of victory. We are good soldiers of Christ who have won eternal
     life. We should risk our lives, participate in the spiritual battle and overcome the
     small hardships that we have today. Those who stand in the spiritual battle till the
     end are the true winners.


      Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon
      Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #427