Prayer transcends impossibilities

  • 2015.05.30 22:57


Even a person with ability has to receive other's help whenever they face limitations of their ability. People ask for help whenever they have matters that they cannot deal with. However, there are many problems that no one on this earth can deal with. Worldly people think that it is natural to resign themselves to their limitations.


Most people who think that they should live according to their limits capabilities and their place give up or resign themselves whenever they find situations that they cannot deal with by their own strength. Confining our lives to our limitations is really hard, uncomfortable, painful and hopeless. People regard this as destiny or fate.


Christians are children of God and they call Him as their Father. God is almighty, knows everything, and transcends human limitations. Whenever we have problems that we cannot deal with by our own efforts, we can immediately pray to our Father God for help.


Jesus Christ said, Ask whatever in my name. Then I will do it. (John 14:14)" As He promised this to us by His words, He should resolve our problems whenever we pray. Likewise, prayer enables us to transcend our limitations. Therefore, we should pray whenever we face impossibilities.


Prayer is the only power by which we can overcome our limitations. Christians don't confine their lives to their limitations. They are happy and every matter goes well both physically and spiritually because the power of the Almighty God is their strength. We should relinquish ourselves by prayer and let God work for us in order to overcome our limitations. Prayer makes you put your limitations down before Jesus and overcome them by Jesus. It is the power that lets God work for you.



Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon

Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #432 (April 25, 2015)