Imagination Given by the Holy Spirit

  • 2015.06.12 09:38


The Israelites saw the miracles that God performed in the wilderness for forty years  while they were living there. There is no other place which is dryer, rougher or more barren than the dessert.


However, Moses’ heart was full of imagination about the almighty power of God. He imagined how the almighty power worked. He experienced the power of God when the Red Sea divided and the Israelites went through the sea on dry ground, when he struck the rock to make the water come out of it, and when many quails were brought to the ground from the sky above.


Jesus showed us through the wonders, miracles and signs to show us that the kingdom of heaven has power to do the impossible that cannot happen in this world. This means that the kingdom of heaven is within you through the Holy Spirit so you should not limit anything but believe that he will give you as much as you want and do His work. You should agree with the incredible imagination of God. You should follow Jesus by imagining that He will achieve the goal not being discouraged and putting a brake on even though it doesn’t work as you want.


We couldn’t do greater work because we judge arrogantly with human limits and we don’t come to close to the abundance and richness that God will grant. The kingdom of God has everything. Prayer is a path of blessing by which the Holy Spirit pours a great imagination into you. If you want to have great imagination, you have to pray and try to build a spiritual relationship with Him to the point of gaining the imagination from the Holy Spirit.


How big the imagination is, is inconsequential if it is not of the sinful desire. The Lord waits to answer to our big imagination. The Lord is now looking for people of remarkable imagination. Although our imagination is great it is still smaller than God’s. We can have a vast imagination as much as we desire it. This is faith.



Seok-Jeon Yoon

Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #436 (May 23, 2015)