Have the Personality of God

  • 2015.08.28 16:53

The Jews had two misunderstandings. Firstly, they thought they could be saved by observing the Law. However, God gave humans the Law in order that they become conscious of sin through the Law. (Romans 3:20) What is sin? Sin is the part that is changed by the personality of God. Sin is as much as we are separated from God. The Jews tried to be saved by observing the Law. That was a misunderstanding. The will of God is that they should realize that their personality is corrupt and correct it through the Law. Therefore, to repent is to fundamentally correct the misunderstanding about the wisdom of heaven that gave the Law. This is true repentance and you can repent through prayer. Secondly, the Jews crucified Jesus by charging Him with blasphemy. They crucified Jesus who came to the earth to save His people by the personal love of God because He called Himself the Son of God. Nevertheless, they misunderstood that they served God well and were faithful to God. In this way, if you misunderstand about God and then act thinking that you serve God well you would be led into a huge mistake and commit sin. The important thing about the word repentance is to have the personality of God. That means you should find the difference between you and the personality of God and give it up immediately and turn back to the personality in God. It is a serious problem between God and humans is that we always commit sin while wondering from God’s purpose for creating people. When the purpose why God created me and the reason that I live are different, there is discord between God and me. In this case, I have to correct the difference between the will of God and my will by repenting and solve the problem of discord of personality between God and me.


Seok-Jeon Yoon
Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #447 (Aug 15, 2015)