Begin with the everlasting Jesus Christ

  • 2014.01.17 14:50

People think you are out of date when you cannot follow the world. But the fashion

never can save our soul from the sin. The world can be changed by the season and

the fashion. It attempts us follow the fashion, but we should follow and trust on the

everlasting Jesus Christ only. The fashion of the world sometimes can be changed

by the times, but the everlasting Jesus Christ is same to us yesterday or today

(Hebrews 13:8). He would not be changed with any other reason, therefore he is

our faith.


Jesus shed blood and died for our sin on the cross, his plan for human can never

be changed. The thing that he healed our diseases by his wounds and he redeemed

us from the curse is everlasting. It is also everlasting that he always answers our

prayer. The world has being changed continuously, but the only Jesus is never

changeless so we can invest on our whole life to him.


Now, what dominates and moves you? Who is leading you? If it is not Jesus, you

should abandon it unquestioningly and believe in Jesus and follow Him. The world

is deceiving people by taking them all over the place, from this fashion to that

fashion. It is dragging us into the hell when we finally die and become a handful of



Man is the lord of all creation. How stupid you think if man is always tricked into

commit a sin even though he has the right to rule over the world. We must never

be deceived by the evil spirit by believing the only Jesus.


The year of 2014 has been started. Let us be the great hero who lives with Him

always by beginning with the everlasting Jesus.


/ Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon